Medical device, class I, Dir. 93/42 EEC and s.a.
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The measures shown must be considered to have a ± 1 cm tolerance

Information about sizes

For information about product sizes and more useful indications:
Data sheet S2 Shoulder Stabilizer >


Prevention of dislocations and subdislocations in the pre-operative or post-operative phase in the case of anterior glenohumeral instability.


Posterior glenohumeral instability.
Pathologies of the rotator cuff not associated with glenohumeral instability.
Use for arm movements above the shoulder.
Patients suffering from claustrophobia, anxiety attacks, allergies to the fabrics the product is made of.


Elasticated band for the control of extrarotation and abduction of the arm, for the prevention of shoulder dislocations and subdislocations.
Band for the support and retropulsion of the humeral head, to maintain the shoulder in the correct position. Double zipper closing system and hooks so it easy to put on.
Non-slip silicone inserts to ensure brace stability.
High comfort, run-resistant, elastic fabric.
Unisex, ambidextrous, antidislocation shoulder brace.

Composition of fabric

Body mesh: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Outer band kit: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Internal band kit: 100% polyurethane

Fitting the product

For correct adjustment and to properly understand how to position the brace, please read the instructions leaflet inside the package or look at the video.

Washing instructions

The body mesh and the bands can be washed separately. Hand wash in water at 30° C with neutral soap or detergent. Rinse well. Dry flat. Do not iron.

The information contained here is solely for healthcare professionals. Memorandum of the Ministry of Health Guidelines for healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical-diagnostic devices and medical-surgical devices. 28 March 2013

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