Medical device, class I, Reg. (UE) 2017/745 and s.m.i.
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Neck circum. cmHeight in cmSizeReference paraph.

from 32 to 35

from 8.5 to 10.5



from 35 to 38

from 8.5 to 10.5



from 38 to 41

from 10 to 12



from 41 to 43

from 10 to 12



from 43 to 48

from 10 to 12



The measures shown must be considered to have a ± 1 cm tolerance


Minor cervical traumas
Mild to moderate cervical lesions
Cervicobrachial neuralgia


Severe cervical trauma
Prolonged use without medical advice


Relative immobilisation of the cervical rachis

Composition of fabric

Collar: 100% polyethylene
Protective material: 100% polyvinyl

Fitting the product

The product must be fitted for the first time by a qualified specialist. The collar is made up of two rigid parts that can be laid onto one another using three Velcro fasteners. After selecting the size based on neck circumference, adjust the height by suitably pairing the two rigid parts. Position the two rigid parts so that the lower one rests on the collar bone and the top one under the chin. The position is correct if the head cannot bend downwards. Adjust the product so that it fits easily around the neck. Fasten the C3 Collar at the back using the Velcro fastener.

Washing instructions

Clean with a damp sponge.

The information contained here is solely for healthcare professionals. Memorandum of the Ministry of Health Guidelines for healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical-diagnostic devices and medical-surgical devices. 28 March 2013

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