Medical device, class I, Reg. (UE) 2017/745 and s.m.i.
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Height in cmSizeReference paraph.

Height: min cm 41 - max cm 57

one size


The measures shown must be considered to have a ± 1 cm tolerance


Absolute or relative immobilisation of the knee joint after surgery, moderate to severe sprains, traumas
Rehabilitation phase
Control of the range of movement during post-traumatic and post-operative recovery


Articulated rigid side strut, length: 57 cm, pre-cut for adjustment to 41 cm.
Monocentric articulation with locking and adjustment of the range of flexo-extension (R.O.M.): flex: 0° 10° 20° 30° 45° 60° 75° 90° 105° 120°; ext: 0° 10° 20° 30° 45° 60° 75° 90°
R.O.M. can be locked via safety straps
Comfortable padding for the protection of the leg and thigh
Removable rubber foam condyle pads
Six adjustable straps with Velcro fasteners

Composition of fabric

100% aluminium struts
100% polyamide straps
100% polyester padding

Fitting the product

The brace is correctly positioned for use when the shorter struts are by the thigh and the longer ones are by the lower leg.

Applying the pads

Open the INNOVATOR® FULL FOAM brace and remove the pads. Wrap the pads around the thigh and leg so that the Velcro fastener is on the front part.

Applying the splints

Position the two struts at the side of the lower limb so that they are parallel, aligned with the leg’s axis and so that the R.O.M. centres are slightly above the knee’s rotation axis. Press the struts onto the pads so that they adhere through the Velcro fasteners.
If necessary use the INNOVATOR® FULL FOAM brace at 41 cm before “applying the struts”, adjust the struts and pads as shown in the “Adjustment of the struts at 41 cm”

Closing the straps

Tighten and block all the straps, starting from the ones near the knee, ensuring that all the fastenings are at the front of the limb.

Adjusting the R.O.M. (range of motion)

To adjust the range of motion in flexo-extension press the white flexion button (flex) and the blue extension (ext) button and rotate them until the desired range of flexion and extension appears in the corresponding window. To avoid the involuntary modification of the selected flexo-extension ranges, use the locking straps (provided) by inserting them into the upper openings of the flexo-extension blue and white buttons and blocking them in place.

Removing and re-applying the brace

To remove the brace unfasten the straps and open out the pads. To re-apply the brace simply close the pads again and re-fasten the straps.

Adjusting the struts

The side struts can be adjusted in varus-valgus for better adjustment to the anatomical shape of the lower limb.

Adjustment of the struts at 41 cm

WARNING: adjusting the length to 41 cm is irreversible. To adjust the INNOVATOR® FULL FOAM brace at the length of 41 cm, place a strut on a rigid, flat surface. Align the precut line of the strut with the edge of the surface. Press down on the protruding part of the strut energetically until it snaps off. Repeat the operation with the other extremities. INNOVATOR® FULL FOAM comes with protective caps to apply onto the cut ends of the struts.

Washing instructions

Hand wash the pads in water at 30° C with neutral soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Dry flat. Do not iron.

The information contained here is solely for healthcare professionals. Memorandum of the Ministry of Health Guidelines for healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical-diagnostic devices and medical-surgical devices. 28 March 2013

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