Medical device, class I, Reg. (UE) 2017/745 and s.m.i.
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Wrist circum. in cmHeight in cmSizeReference paraph.

from 14 to 16




from 17 to 19




from 20 to 22




The measures shown must be considered to have a ± 1 cm tolerance


Metacarpophalangeal sprain in the thumb


Skeletal fracture in the thumb
Prolonged use of the product without medical advice


It allows to immobilise the thumb in a functional position, maintaining mobility in the other fingers and hand gripping function
One model for left and right thumb

Composition of fabric

60% cotton
27% rubber fibre
13% polyamide

Fitting the product

Insert the thermoformable layer into the sheath. Close the upper flap centring the thumb. Position the orthesis by slipping the thumb into the loop. Adjust the lower and middle fastenings to obtain firm, comfortable binding. After positioning, if necessary, adjust the thumb fastening. Warning: the product must be thermoformed before use.

Washing instructions

Remove the splint and the rigid thermoformable part. Hand wash in water at 30° C with neutral soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Do not wring. Dry flat. Do not iron.

The information contained here is solely for healthcare professionals. Memorandum of the Ministry of Health Guidelines for healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical-diagnostic devices and medical-surgical devices. 28 March 2013

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