Medical device, class I, Dir. 93/42 EEC and s.a.
Height in cmShoe sizeSizeReference paraph.


from 36 to 39




from 40 to 43.5




from 44 to 45.5



The measures shown must be considered to have a ± 1 cm tolerance


Relative immobilisation of the tibiotarsal joint after traumas or surgery
Injury to Achilles tendon, rehabilitation, infectious and inflammatory medical pathologies that require immobilisation


Relative immobilisation of the tibiotarsal joint
Adjustable dorsal or plantar flexion as prescribed by the physician
Anti-shock action on the heel bone and sole of the foot ensured by the thickness of the boot
Padded boot in which local support can be inserted to protect the leg and foot
Non-slip, rounded sole to make walking easier
The boot’s lightness makes it easy to use if the patient cannot put any weight on the foot
Extra wide sole to allow adjustment to the size of the foot
Being quick and easy to put on means it can be rapidly removed for therapeutic treatment
The joints permit locking and adjustment of the dorsal and plantar flexion (R.O.M.) from -40° to +40° with 10° increase


100% polyamide base
100% polyurethane sole
100% polyamide straps
100% aluminium + stainless steel joints

Fitting the product

To fit correctly please watch the video.

Washing instructions

Wash the plastic parts with a damp sponge. The removable protections can be hand washed in water at 30° C with neutral soap or detergent. Rinse well. Do not wring. Dry flat. Do not iron.

The information contained here is solely for healthcare professionals. Memorandum of the Ministry of Health Guidelines for healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical-diagnostic devices and medical-surgical devices. 28 March 2013

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